Sunday, July 09, 2006

10 Services Google Should Develop

This is in response to an entry on Google Watch by Mark Otuteye. I find most of these topics to be relatively interesting. I will discuss the three that I find most innovative.

2) Google Recommender
Why not develop a word processor rather than making a plugin that will have compatibility issues throughout the broad spectrum of existing word processors. The processor could offer an in-line referencing option for documents displayed on the coming paper thin LCD e-book readers.

8) Google Billboards
Now this option would be great although I don’t think google should restrict you to relevant Slashdot feeds. Instead why not have a list of acceptable feed resources and allow each user to subscribe to the feeds they want. As a default the system could display generic feeds with several mini-screens displaying individual feeds. The mini-feeds could be triggered by a fingerprint, your cell phone location or a microchip planted in your shoe.

9) Google Sing & Draw Search
Now this would be a very nice stand alone service. I don’t see myself humming an unknown tune very often but I have had blank cds in the past that have had mysterious tracks. Wouldn’t it be great if I could play the stereo while google displays news and related info targeted to that track or band?


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