Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Search Engine Preferences

Although Google reigns king over the SEO industry it is not, in my opinion, the best search engine for all situations. On about 80% of the terms I look for Google is my first and only stop but you are probably more interested in how I divide the remaining 20%. 5% - I generally use Yahoo as a secondary search option. If I am not finding relevant pages for my terms in Google I will generally see what Yahoo has to offer rather than digging 5+ pages deep. 5%
- Right now Technorati one of my top blogging resources. If I want to find material to blog about or simply browse the blogosphere this is my first stop. 5% - Sphere is climbing my charts pretty quickly. The general concept here is you add a Sphere It button to your toolbar and whenever you stumble upon an interesting page or article you click the button and it pulls up a list of other related pages. It looks like they still need to tweak a few things before their searches are highly relevant though. 3% - I pretty much only use MSN as an SEO tool. Last year they were by far the fastest page indexer. Over the course of a year they have taken a real speed hit but they still display the most comprehensive list of backlinks in their results.

Others 2% - I occasionally browse through or some of the other smaller search engines just to see how they are developing.


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