Sunday, July 02, 2006

Revenue Sharing Communities Using Adsense

In the past I have been a little cautious about starting a revenue sharing community using Adsense. I don’t see anything in Googles terms to prohibit this but I do worry about potential click fraud. I don’t see any real way to prevent at least a few members from treating this as a click fest of sorts.

To prevent this I would like to see Adsense or any other PPC advertising network set up a site ip blocking system that could be initiated by the webmaster. The idea would be straight forward. Every member of the revenue sharing community gets their ip on the block list so there is no incentive for clicking on ads.

Today I just stumbled on this list of revenue sharing sites by AdMoolah. Apparently my initial click fraud concerns have not been a real problem for communities. I see a large number of sites adopting this model and thus far I only remember of one forum getting banned but it was not from revenue sharing. (I can’t remember the url, sorry.)

Of all the Adsense revenue sharing sites I am most pleased to see Digital Point on the list. I could possibly see some of the other listed sites flying under Googles radar. This tells me either 1) Digital Point has a very clear click fraud policy and they do a good job of weeding out spammers. Or 2) Adsense revenue sharing communities do not pose a high click fraud risk.


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