Saturday, July 08, 2006

Adsense Ethics: High Paying Keywords

There are numerous lists out there displaying some of the highest paying Adsense terms. Many bloggers will develop entire blogs or entries that are optimized based on these lists. In certain situations I see this as an acceptable yet slightly unethical practice. In other situations I see this as an extremely unethical practice that should be viewed on par with click fraud.

Acceptable High Priced Keyword Targeting
Lets say for example you have established a small but growing blog on dog food. After a month or so you are starting to run dry so you start researching new topics. Through your research you find that the terms ‘organic dog food’ and ‘California organic dog food’ both pay very high through Adsense. Therefore you decide to do your homework to find out what is so great about organic dog food from California. You find that three of the top five suppliers of organic dog food are based out of California. So you call up all three suppliers, interview them and feature the interviews through your blog.

Unethical High Priced Keyword Targeting
You decide you want to make a quick buck blogging so you find a list of the top Adsense keywords. Through your research you find that a ton of keywords ending in loan consolidation fetch a very healthy price. So you start a loan consolidation blog and jam as many ads in as possible. Then you start topics starting with every US state followed by loan consolidation. In order to get enough information in your entries to display the Adsense ads you display a list of affiliate links to loan consolidation companies. The only thing you change throughout your lists are the states in the anchor text. Then you send as much spam traffic as possible to your blog in hopes of a few clicks per day.

The two examples I have displayed are pretty much black and white. I could have listed 10 more examples that fall within the grey area but I think you get the idea. If you are targeting high priced keywords make sure you have solid content to match the terms.


Blogger David Colince said...

Somewhere has read, that here this site makes on AdSense on $200-250 in day! I want such site. My site while makes 2-4 $ in day. :(

5:15 AM  
Blogger Dane said...

I believe Darren Rowse from ProBlogger is pulling in excess of $300 per day although he doesn’t disclose exact details. He does say that he pulls over six figures per year though.

9:34 AM  

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