Saturday, July 08, 2006

Clicksor User Reviews

Clicksor is an ad network similar in function to Adsense.


  • 70% publishers profit share
  • Affiliates earn a 10% referral commissions
  • $.10 minimum CPC

User Reviews: 2/10

I had registered as publisher in tht site and started displaying their ads on my page for a WEEK. But thier report for a week SHOWED 0 IMPRESSION, I get more than 10,000 impression (Google Adsense) per DAY.

While Clicksor has enough reach to deliver traffic fairly quickly given enough keywords are bid on, the traffic quality is lower than other pay-per-click search engines. Conversion rates are simply not up to par.

I've disabled the ads, because they slowed down the site somewhat and the revenue is much less than with google adsense. The test is too short to draw any conclusions, but I don't think I'm going to use Clicksor.

I run clicksor ... its the best I have found which I can run on my one website(Gambling). The CPM is fairly decent and I havent had any problems with them ... I think they have some potential.

I run Clicksor on a few things as a test... for my stuff, it's TERRIBLE compared to AdSense. It's a little more than 1,000 times (no joke) less revenue for the same amount of impressions for me.

Just finished a campaign on clicksor. Their minimum 10 cents CPC ran through 150 dollars in one day and without a single conversion. I was using their keyword and content match. Obiously they do not work for me. is pretty bad, sort of a last resort type thing.

I like clicksor and lately as long as you choose good keywords, the ads are decent.

For the impressions they've counted, they've paid us 33 cents, which makes for an effective CPM of about $1.26--pretty low for popup ads. If you base that figure on our actual server logs rather than their reported impressions, it drops to $0.77 CPM--unacceptably low.

I've used Clicksor and was extremely unimpressed. Both low CPC and CTR.


Blogger Nick Papanotas said...

Clicksor is the worst company I ever tried. Just pass them because they don't really worth.

I used them for a while and I am sure that they are having false statistics.

12:19 PM  
Blogger A Concerned Person said...

Clicksor is horrible. We are getting very little income and we get more than 1,000 page visits a day.

They just disabled live support too. All I'm doing is waiting for my 20 dollar payout so I can change advertising companies.

All of the ads are about gambling...

2:13 PM  

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